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2018 Banff Pork Seminar

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News from the Meristem editors from inside the 2018 Banff Pork Seminar.

Still time to register for Banff Pork Seminar 2018

Date posted: December 11, 2017

The spaces are filling up but there is still time to register for Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) 2018, Jan. 9 to 11, 2018 in Banff Alta.

"This promises to be a very good seminar with a strong number of delegates already registered," says Ashley Steeple, Seminar coordinator.

"There is a limit on registrations and while that number is within sight there is still time to get signed up," she says. "Regular registration deadline is December 20, 2017. After that date a late registration fee applies and there is no guarantee that all conference materials will be available.

"Conference registration fee is waived for full-time undergraduate or graduate students attending a Canadian post-secondary institution. However students must register by Dec. 20, 2017 or full conference fees apply.

"Media who wish to register should contact the BPS office at (780) 492-3651 or by email at ."

Full details and registration forms are available at the Banff Pork Seminar 2018 website www.banffpork.ca. Check out the Inside BPS blog and seminar special report available by linking from the BPS website. It has additional reports on speakers and events during this coming seminar. And follow along on Twitter at #banffpork.

Cutting edge technology highlights breakout session 5 at BPS 2018

Date posted: December 11, 2017

Frédéric Fortin

The cutting edge.

Three words that always intrigue and in the pork industry they represent future progress. Three speakers in breakout session 5 at Banff Pork Seminar 2018 will tackle those words under a session theme of "Newest innovations."

Frédéric Fortin, CDPQ will talk "Results and perspectives about automated water intake recording, infrared thermography and visual systems."

Mike Cronin, Cronin Family Farms will discuss his farm's experience with group housing of lactating sows as part of his presentation "Highlighting new and innovative technology from around the globe."

And Lee Whittington of the Prairie Swine Centre will discuss "Finding new technologies for the pork industry."

"Innovation is always a popular topics and this session ties directly to our seminar theme this year," says Ruurd Zijlstra BPS program co-chair. "We are looking ahead at the technologies on the horizon and some are already being implemented in some swine barns but are not used by everybody yet. All these technologies qualify as the cutting edge."

Registration and program details are on the Banff Pork Seminar website www.banffpork.ca.

These people helped shape a great program for BPS 2018

Date posted: December 11, 2017

It you want something done ask a busy person as the old saying goes. The people listed below took time from busy schedules to volunteer to be on the organizing committee for Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) 2018.

BPS is heading towards its golden anniversary in the next few years. That continued success occurs because people from the pork industry are prepared to make that commitment to serve.

One strength of the BPS advisory committee is that it is made up of strong players from all aspects of the industry, government and academia. The committee draws from people across Canada and is set up with a process of continual renewal, ensuring fresh thinking each year.

Here are the people on the 2018 BPS Advisory Committee.

  • Chair: Mark Chambers, Sunterra Farms, Lucan, Ont.
  • Program co-chairs: Michael Dyck and Ruurd Zijlstra, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • Conference coordinator: Ashley Steeple, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • Communication committee chair: Chris Tokaruk, TTT Stock Company Ltd., Regina, Sask.
  • Javier Bahamon, Alberta Pork, Edmonton, Alta.
  • Stéphane Beaudoin GestBEAu Inc., St-Germain-de-Grantham, Que.
  • Amy Cronin, Cronin Farms, Bluevale, Ont.
  • Daniel Godbout, PIC Health Assurance, St-Augustin, Que.
  • Emmanuelle Lewis, Agri-Marche, St-Isidore, Que.
  • Darcy Pauls, Cargill, Niverville, Man.
  • Bill Rempel, Steve's Livestock Transport, Red Deer, Alta.
  • Tom Riek, PIC Health Assurance, Airdrie, Alta.
  • Casey Smit, Olymel, Humboldt, Sask.
  • Redge Watt, Fast Genetics, Spiritwood, Sask.
  • Ben Willing, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta.
  • Jason Wood, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Edmonton, Alta.

The advisory committee is an open process. Anyone interested in serving on the committee or learning more about its role is invited to contact a current member.

Aherne innovators, student awards highlight special BPS Wed. breakout session

Date posted: December 1, 2017

Innovation and young scientists have always been important pork industry drivers and a common theme at Banff Pork Seminars (BPS) for many years.

So it is likely that again this year the special Wednesday afternoon "Innovators" breakout session at Banff Pork Seminar 2018 will have a strong turnout.

It will feature a brief overview and chance for questions from the audience for the winners of the Aherne Innovator Prize.

"The Aherne Prize continues to attract exciting innovations for the industry and once again this year we have had some really strong entries," says Dr. Ben Willing, chair of the Aherne selection committee. "The range of entries from small and simple to more complex technology is always interesting and explains the attention the audience shows each year."

Session 8 will also feature selected presentations from the R. O. Ball Young Scientist competition.

"This year we have expanded the range of the competition and as a result have entries from across North America," says Willing. "Delegates attend this session to see the cutting edge of science that these young people represent, and some will even admit it is a good opportunity to scout out talent."

The young scientist and Aherne winners will be acknowledged Thursday morning before the plenary session.

The latest on antibiotic developments, opportunities at Banff Pork Seminar 2018

Date posted: December 1, 2017

Few issues have dominated livestock production across all species like antibiotic use. Breakout session 7 at Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) 2018 features three strong speakers at the forefront of that issue. They'll talk progress, developments, challenges and the real opportunities that are emerging.

Veterinarian Dr. Egan Brockhoff looks at new antibiotic use guidelines coming to Canada, in particular regulation and industry guidelines. Changes have already occurred in Europe over the last decade, the U.S. last year and now Canada is following suit.

Dr. Clayton Johnson, Carthage Veterinary Services, one of the leading vet groups in the Midwest U.S. looks at how to get by without antibiotics in swine management systems and what the impact would be on biologic and economic performance of the herd.

The third speaker, Dr. Greg Wideman of South West Ontario Veterinary Services looks at practical on-farm management strategies in the transition to antibiotic-free production.

"We anticipate strong interest in this session," says Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra, BPS program co-chair. "Switching away from antibiotics means increased focus on animal health. But that landscape is changing.

"As this type of production becomes more common in North America there is an increasing pool of people who have direct experience with it. That allows us to draw several different people from North America to have as speakers."

All the information needed to register and select breakout sessions is available at www.banffpork.ca.

Egan Brockhoff

Clayton Johnson

Greg Wideman

PIC welcomes friends and partners to BPS 2018

Date posted: December 1, 2017

PIC is looking forward to the 2018 Banff Pork Seminar. This event is one of the best opportunities in Canada to engage with our friends and partners in the Canadian pork industry on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Especially the uncertainty around the market outlook, the increasing expectations of consumers on sustainability and animal well-being, and the possibilities that new technology offers — all will provide great food for thought.

From PIC's perspective, we are focused on developing the best genetics and services to support the Canadian industry in addressing the challenges and capturing opportunities.

We are excited about the future and look forward to meeting you in Banff.

PIC is a Sustaining Sponsor of BPS 2018.

Two veteran industry leaders talk savvy marketing at BPS 2018

Date posted: December 1, 2017

If combined years of experience and industry awards mean anything these two plenary speakers should be two of the best presentations at Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) 2018.

Markets always bring tough questions. Are pricing methods going to change? The way we use futures? How we manage price volatility? Many believe those things are going to get worse not better. What are some of the tools we can use over the next while to deal with that?

Dr. Larry Martin will have some of those answers during the Wednesday plenary session. Martin's talk is on Using Futures and Options to Manage Price Volatility. On Thursday morning, Dr. Ron Plain tackles "Hog market outlook and pricing methods."

Martin has built a reputation of melding economic theory with practical business application and real life training. The long time consultant and management training specialist spent the early part of his career as a professor and eventually department chair of agricultural economics and business at the University of Guelph. He was also CEO of the innovative industry think tank, George Morris Centre, and has served on several corporate boards of directors.

Plain brings a farm background and solid experience in production economics to his presentation including a long history of industry service. He is professor emeritus in the department of agricultural and applied economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Since coming to the University he has made over 2,200 presentations to farm audiences across the country and has authored over 500 published materials. He has been a speaker at past Banff Pork Seminars and one that delegates rate highly.

Sign up to hear these two plenaries at www.banffpork.ca.

Ron Plain

Larry Martin

Unlocking the secrets of sow lifetime productivity: BPS breakout session 6

Date posted: November 21, 2017

If the sow is the engine of the pork industry then breakout session 6 at Banff Pork Seminar 2018 is the place to be.

"We are trying to identify various aspects of management and various considerations to make sure sows are being as productive as possible," says Dr. Michael Dyck of the University of Alberta, program co-chair for the seminar. "Three speakers will tackle that topic."

Mark Wilson of Zinpro Corporation looks at the "Footprint of sow management," not only how long a sow stays in the herd but also how long she is being productive. Health and nutrition will also be a significant part of that.

Dyck himself will talk on the boar side: Semen management and some of the reproductive technologies that can help to improve pregnancy rates, reduce non-productive days and improve litter size. "We often forget the boar produces half the litter and if we don't manage semen properly that can have an impact on how productive the sow actually is," he says.

Ad van Wesel from Cargill will discuss how sow nutrition and management carries forward to determine how robust the piglets are when they are born. The goal is to ensure that the piglets being born are actually reaching weaning in a viable and robust way.

All the information needed to register and pick breakout sessions is available at www.banffpork.ca.

Mark Wilson

Michael Dyck

Ad van Wesel

Steve Savage talks ag threats, barriers and opportunities at BPS 2018

Date posted: November 21, 2017

Steve Savage

Want to know the future of agriculture? Then you'll want to catch Dr. Steve Savage's plenary presentation at Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) 2018.

"Our theme for the 2018 seminar is 'Looking ahead to the next generation'," says Dr. Michael Dyck of the University of Alberta, BPS program co-chair, "and Steve Savage has walked the walk."

Savage brings a long history of experience in many aspects of the industry. Most recently he has been an independent consultant working with a wide variety of clients on topics including biological control, biotechnology, crop protection chemicals, post-harvest waste reduction, sustainability metrics, biofuels, and soil health.

He has also been active as a writer and speaker on food and agriculture issues at www.drstevesavage.com and he is a contributor to Forbes on these topics. He also has a podcast called PopAgriculture sponsored by the non-profit CropLife Foundation.

Savage speaks on Thursday morning at BPS 2018. Program details at www.banffpork.ca.

Solving the special challenges of feeding the grow finish pig

Date posted: November 21, 2017

The grow finish pig is the largest contributor to feed costs in the pork industry so there will be plenty of interest at Banff Pork Seminar 2018 on the best ideas to help improve that area of production.

Breakout session 3 has two speakers with excellent track records in the area, says BPS program co-chair Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra.

"Dr. Candido Pomar of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has several years' experience in precision feeding research," says Zijlstra "The last few years he has been collecting data on the benefits of feeding grow finish pigs as individuals while they are housed in a pen.

"It is amazing to see how his research tracking nutrient requirements and feeding individual animals according to their nutrient requirements leads to cost savings and substantially fewer nutrient excretion levels."

Dr. Bob Goodband from Kansas State University will follow with an update on amino acid requirements for the grow finish pig. That university has always had a very good group working on the practical application of swine nutrition, says Zijlstra.

Delegates have a choice of breakout sessions. Check out details at www.banffpork.ca.

Candido Pomar

Bob Goodband

Check out sponsor functions during Banff Pork Seminar week

Date posted: November 16, 2017

One sure sign of how Banff Pork Seminar has evolved into a week-long affair is the number of sponsor events that take place in and around the main program.

"Our goal is to make this seminar a destination event of networking and business building," says Dr. Michael Dyck, program co-chair for BPS 2018. "We have worked out a relationship with the Banff Springs Hotel where the special conference rates are available prior to and immediately following the main seminar.

"We know hotel bookings have been strong for 2018 and sponsors have been calling wanting to discuss options for hosting an event for their teams or clients. That is very rewarding because it means a stronger delegate base for the seminar and a better networking opportunity for everyone."

One special sponsor event slated for just before the official start of Banff Pork Seminar 2018 is a Tuesday afternoon presentation entitled "PED and pig health: Where do we go from here." Hosted by Swine Innovation Porc it features a slate of knowledgeable speakers on the subject.

There is no charge to attend but seating is limited and delegates are asked to register. Details are located at the Banff Pork Seminar website www.banffpork.ca. Click the Program button and then click "Sponsor Events."

Meet YouTube sensation Greg Peterson at Banff Pork Seminar 2018

Date posted: November 16, 2017

Greg Peterson

If one thing has defined the fast-changing society of today it has been social media and young people are at the forefront of it.

In agriculture there may be no better example of that than young farmer and YouTube sensation, Greg Peterson.

"Peterson used his university training in agriculture and communications to launch a YouTube channel with his farming family brothers. Today they tell the stories of agriculture to millions of viewers and have learned some real insight into representing agriculture and food to consumers, especially the millennial demographic," says Dr. Michael Dyck, of the University of Alberta, program co-chair for Banff Pork Seminar 2018.

"We wanted to close the seminar on Thursday afternoon with a positive and entertaining speaker that spoke to the future of agriculture," adds program co-chair, Ruurd Zijlstra. "Peterson accomplishes that on many levels. His success speaks for itself and it is why he is a popular speaker across North America.

His closing plenary session topic is 'I'm farming and I grow it: An AgVocating success story'."

Max Hawkins

Get the inside story on mycotoxins at BPS 2018 breakout session 1

Date posted: November 16, 2017

Delegates asked and this was the result. Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) 2018 will feature a special breakout session on mycotoxins.

"We're seeing the mycotoxin problem pop up more frequently in industry discussions," says Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra program co-chair for BPS 2018. "For example in western Canada mycotoxins such as vomitoxin and ergot are moving west from Manitoba. Even in our own herd at the university we have had to deal with mycotoxin issues.

"It is not just an issue on the horizon anymore, it is something on the increase. We got some good feedback on highlighting mycotoxins so we decided to feature them in a separate breakout."

Don Giesting

Max Hawkins of Alltech will talk on the prevalence and effects of mycotoxins on Canadian and North American pork production. Alltech does a lot of work in this area including tracking mycotoxin prevalence and effects and Hawkins oversees that effort, says Zijlstra.

Don Giesting of Cargill Animal Nutrition will discuss "Mycotoxin detection and solutions." Cargill operates across North America and mycotoxins, which are increasing in the U.S. as well as Canada, have been a big part of their work.

Register and pick your breakout session at www.banffpork.ca.

Breakout 4: A new world of piglet management

Date posted: November 16, 2017

Here's a chance to learn from one of the big players in the industry on piglet management. Delegates can also learn about an innovative piglet management system successfully operating in difficult conditions in other parts of the world.

Breakout session 4 at Banff Pork Seminar 2018 features two speakers on the latest in piglet management.

Joel Spencer from JBS United will outline how that global company has been looking at both nutrition and health with regards to their products and general management. His presentation will specifically outline a number of things JBS has done to improve piglet management and wean as many healthy pigs as possible.

Second speaker Dr. Gustavo Pizarro with Pipestone Veterinary Services will explain an innovative pork production system being used in Latin America. It is a system that has faced a lot of challenges but has been able to improve piglet survival and production through some unique management approaches.

"It is an example of innovating in a challenging production environment and actually overachieving in that environment," says Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra, BPS program co-chair. "Many producers will identify with that."

Delegates can register and pick their breakout session at www.banffpork.ca.

Registration deadline reminder for Banff Pork Seminar 2018

Date posted: November 8, 2017

Ashley Steeple

Just a quick reminder from Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) coordinator Ashley Steeple that the early registration deadline is coming up Nov. 15, 2017. Here is a list of key registration deadlines and details. All registrations can be done online at www.banffpork.ca.

  • Early registration ends November 15 and is $285.
  • Regular registration runs until December 20 and is $335.
  • Late registration of $385 applies after December 20 through to January 12.
  • Group registrations cutoff is December 20.
  • Media registrations please contact BPS Office

Note a free electronic copy of BPS 2018 proceedings will be included in delegate bags. Hard copies of proceedings are $20 plus GST and can be ordered from the BPS website.

A thank you to 2018 Banff Pork Seminar sponsors

Date posted: November 7, 2017

Once again the 2018 Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) has received strong sponsor support, and that means direct benefits for delegates.

"Sponsor support dramatically lowers the cost for each delegate attending this seminar," says program co-chair Ruurd Zijlstra. "To put on a conference of this scale without the financial support of sponsors would cost almost double what we charge."

Co-chair, Michael Dyck is appreciative of what the delegate sponsor teams bring to the whole seminar environment.

"Equally important to financial support is the knowledge, energy and personality that delegate sponsor teams bring," he says. "Networking adds a huge amount of value to the delegate experience throughout the week.

"Here are the 2018 sponsors listed in order of sponsorship category starting with the largest. BPS thanks them all for their support," says Dyck.

Sustaining Sponsors

  • Alberta Pork
  • Fast Genetics
  • PIC
  • Swine Innovation Porc
  • Topigs Norsvin Canada

Premier Plus Sponsors

  • AFNS, University of Alberta
  • Cambridge Global Payments
  • DuPont
  • Hypor Inc.
  • Maple Leaf Foods
  • Maximus Systems
  • Merck Animal Health
  • Olymel

Premier Sponsors

  • Canadian Pork Council
  • Cargill Animal Nutrition
  • Conception Ro-Main Inc.
  • DSM Nutritional Products
  • Elanco Animal Health
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • New Standard West Equipment
  • Sunterra Farms

Select Sponsors

  • Agribution Canada Ltd.
  • Alltech
  • APC, Inc.
  • AriVac
  • Automated Production
  • Big Dutchman Inc.
  • Biomin Canada
  • Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
  • Canadian Bio-Systems Inc.
  • Canadian Hog Journal
  • Champion Alstoe Animal Health
  • Diamond V
  • DNA Genetics
  • EastGen
  • h@ms Marketing Services
  • Hylife
  • JBS United
  • Kemin Canada
  • Manitoba Pork
  • Masterfeeds, An Alltech Company
  • Ontario Pork
  • Penner Farm Services
  • Prairie Hog Country
  • Protekta Inc.
  • Provimi North America
  • SEC Repro / BOCK Industries
  • South West Ontario Veterinary Services
  • Walbern Agri-Systems.(1991) Ltd.
  • Zinpro Corporation
  • Zoetis Canada Inc.

Supporting Sponsors

  • Alberta Barley
  • AQINAC/Le Porc Show
  • Chr. Hansen
  • Jefo Nutrition
  • Steve's Livestock Transport
  • Warman Veterinary Services

Get practical help on managing media and messaging at BPS 2018

Date posted: November 3, 2017

Jeff Ansell

It's a media-driven world today and anyone in any part of the pork business needs to know how to handle difficult questions from media and stakeholders.

Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) 2018 can help. The Wednesday Plenary Session leads off with respected communications expert and award winning journalist, Jeff Ansell.

Author of the best-selling book "When the headline is YOU: An insider's guide to handling the media," Ansell has appeared on radio and TV, and in newspapers and magazines. He has also served as vice president of Hill and Knowlton, one of the world's largest public relations firms.

In his own consulting practice today Ansell counsels corporations, government and newsmakers often in tough, high-profile no win situations. For example, recently, he has been counseling U.S. police chiefs on race relations. He has also trained White House spokespeople, worked with BP's partner in the Deepwater Horizon disaster and advised PG&E in the Erin Brockovich case.

Ansell uses dramatic real world examples and unique and proven process to help clients successfully manage all types of media encounters. BPS delegates will learn ideas and approaches on how to create compelling messages, respond to difficult questions and frame negative news.

Fresh thinking on labor management at BPS 2018 breakout session 2

Date posted: November 3, 2017

Trish Hyshka

Not many things are more challenging for the hog industry than finding and managing people. Here's a chance to learn how to personality test and profile to better understand the personalities of the people you work alongside.

Breakout session 2 at the 2018 Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) is an innovative workshop style session that will give all first hand, real time experience based on real industry techniques.

Trish Hyshka is a human resource manager for Sunterra Farms Ltd. and Sunterra Meats in Acme and Trochu, Alberta. With 24 years of experience behind her, today she serves as HR manager for the roughly 200 employees in the two divisions of the company.

She will walk delegates through her ideas and approaches to helping people progress and grow into bigger roles and training supervisors to be better leaders.

Sign up at www.banffpork.ca.

Media attendance an important part of Banff Pork Seminar

Date posted: November 3, 2017

Media interviews

Over the more than 45 years it has been around speakers have shared a lot of important messages at the Banff Pork Seminar. One thing that has been consistent is the interest of media in the latest industry developments covered in those presentations.

Banff Pork Seminar 2018 will be no different. "Media are welcomed as always," says Chris Tokaruk, communications committee chair for the 2018 Seminar. "Their participation is critical to the seminar's role in education and knowledge transfer.

"The fact that a solid contingent of media attend these seminars and that they are free to share whatever information they wish, says a lot about the state of the pork industry in North America," he adds.

"These are excellent speakers at the seminar and the fact that this information on productivity improvement and public trust is shared openly through media and social media is important to both the pork industry and the general public."

Part of the BPS communications effort is a Special Report including the Inside BPS blog, feature articles and photos. These articles are available for media support and industry use. The link to the report is available at the Seminar website www.banffpork.ca.

Banff Pork Seminar 2018 will inform, challenge industry

Date posted: October 30, 2017

The big issues in the pork industry and the best people to interpret them, all in one of the most scenic places on the planet. That's what the 47th Banff Pork Seminar promises Jan. 9 to 11, 2018 at the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alta.

"We always have a powerhouse program and the 2018 Seminar is no exception," says Seminar program co-chair, Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra of the University of Alberta. "Innovation, latest technology, challenging thinking on the big issues of the day combined with production information that producers can implement immediately."

"The Banff Pork Seminar has also become a business and social event that spans the better part of a week," adds program co-chair Dr. Michael Dyck. "It is a once-a-year unique opportunity for all aspects of the industry to frame up business meetings and take time to socialize with industry compatriots, all in beautiful Banff."

Wednesday's plenary session starts off with former journalist now strategic trainer for business and industry Jeff Ansell talking "When the headline is you." He's followed by well-known economist and researcher Dr. Larry Martin talking market trends and futures.

On Thursday, Steve Savage who has spent a lifetime in technology and communications speaks on "The future of agriculture: Challenges, threats, barriers and opportunities." He is followed by the always informative Dr. Ron Plain, economist from the University of Missouri-Columbus who will talk hog market outlook and pricing methods.

A closing plenary session on Thursday afternoon features Kansas farmer and advocate Greg Peterson whose innovative videos and social media advocacy approaches reach millions of people. His topic is "I'm farming and I grow it - An AgVocating success story."

A selection of breakout sessions each morning and afternoon tackle topics that most directly affect production. Topics include mycotoxins, farm labor, feeding the grow-finish pig, piglet management, newest innovations, sow lifetime productivity, and swine health and antibiotics. Wednesday also features a special innovators' breakout session.

Banff Pork Seminar extends Banff Springs Hotel contract

Date posted: October 27, 2017

The Banff Pork Seminar has extended the contract with the Banff Springs Hotel until 2021.

That is a good thing for the Seminar and a very good thing for delegates, says conference coordinator, Ashley Steeple.

Delegates can book rooms at the special conference rate for three days prior to the seminar and three days afterwards, says Steeple. That is a tremendous saving off regular hotel rates and allows people to book extended business meetings or personal vacation time around the seminar itself.

In addition, the seminar agreement provides delegates with a reduced rate on parking, great tradeshow and meeting areas and wonderful dining and entertainment opportunities.

Hotel rooms are already moving briskly for the 2018 seminar, says Steeple so it is a good idea to book early.

Student science abstract deadlines Oct. 31, 2017

Date posted: October 5, 2017

2017 winners

The R. O. Ball Young Scientist Award presented at the Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) is a coveted one among young scientists.

The award is named after Dr. Ron Ball, a long-time researcher and former BPS program director. The award recognizes graduate and undergraduate students who provide a best overall combination of good and relevant science, a well-written abstract and an excellent presentation.

Deadline for abstracts for the 2018 Banff Pork Seminar student competition is October 31, 2017.

2018 Banff Pork Seminar Aherne Prize entry deadline Oct. 31, 2017

Date posted: October 5, 2017

2017 winners

Each year the Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) awards the F.X. Aherne Prize for Innovative Pork Production. It has become an annual Seminar highlight. Entry deadline for the upcoming 2018 BPS Aherne Prize is Oct. 31, 2017.

Dr. Ben Willing of the University of Alberta, committee chair for the selection committee, says the Aherne prize represents the power of innovation in the pork industry in Canada and around the world.

It recognizes individuals who have developed either original solutions to pork production challenges or creative uses for known technology. Innovations big or small, complex or simple can be entered. Contest details are on the Seminar website www.banffpork.ca.

"The contest is open to owners, production managers, herdspeople or consultants in the North American pork industry, or anyone who has developed an innovation relevant to the North American pork production industry," says Willing.

"All segments of the pork industry qualify," he says. "That includes areas such as feeding, breeding, ventilation, disease control and prevention, transportation, manure management, animal handling, facility or enterprise management, and pork quality and safety."

The prize is valuable, says Willing. It includes free 2018 BPS conference registration, accommodation at the world-renowned Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and travel for the Banff Pork Seminar Jan. 9 to 11, 2018 for up to two innovators. The value of that registration and travel is approximately $2,000 each. Along with that is the pride of having innovations featured at this leading global pork industry conference.

The award is named after the late Dr. Frank Aherne, a professor of swine nutrition and production at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and a major force for science-based progress in the western Canadian pork industry.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Banff Pork Seminar 2018

Date posted: October 5, 2017

When you have been a leading seminar globally for as many years as the Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) has, one thing is constant: Change. A constantly changing industry means constant refinement in the features, business development, social and networking opportunities of this seminar.

This annual Special Report is called Inside BPS Special Meeting Report 2018. Produced by Meristem editors in partnership with the BPS organizing committee, it is designed to take you "inside" Banff Pork Seminar Jan. 9 to 11, 2018, to help you keep on top of those developments.

Delegates travel from across North America and around the world for solid reasons. The speakers consistently represent the leading edge of a rapidly evolving modern, global pork industry and provide a window into agricultural issues and developments. The delegates they attract provide an unparalleled networking opportunity for all. Delegates can also have even some fun socializing in this world renowned resort community and hotel.

The information in this Special Report – including blog items and news features – is designed to be available for use by media and industry, with credit to the source. Here are a few key points on the full BPS 2018 communications effort.

The BPS hub. The best place to get everything you need to know about the 2018 Seminar, Jan. 9 to 11 is the Seminar website www.banffpork.ca. You can sign up for e-news advisories from Seminar coordinator, Ashley Steeple.

Inside BPS blog. These blog items will provide key information and perspective prior to, during and immediately following the 2018 seminar. Blog items are designed for use by media, industry communications specialists, producers and others in the industry. Simply provide a credit line to the Inside BPS Special Report and a live link to the Meristem website www.meristem.com.

News releases and news features. While these articles are primarily designed for media and industry communications specialists, they are available for anyone to use and are available for reprint. News releases can be used without requirement to provide credit. News features should be credited to the Banff Pork Seminar 2018 and linked to www.meristem.com.

Photos. Selected speaker photos will be provided and are available for use. Please credit the Banff Pork Seminar.

Media assistance. As in past years, media assistance is available. You can find contact information and other key details under the "Media Assistance" link in the top right column of this Special Report web page.

Social media. Information and links to stories on BPS will also be featured on social media. Watch for regular updates under the #BanffPork hashtag. Follow the Banff Pork Seminar at Twitter handle @BanffPork and on the BPS Facebook Page. Follow NewStream by Meristem at Twitter handle @NewStreamTweets.

Banff Pork Seminar organizers have worked hard this past year to make your time in Banff a truly memorable one. Welcome to Banff Pork Seminar 2018.