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Pain management: Windows on an evolving world

This section last updated: March 4, 2014

Marrying new options with practical needs is the key to success

Courtesy Canada Beef Inc.

It's an issue about to arrive on the doorstep. Every few months there are more case studies that emerge on why agriculture needs to become more proactive in managing animal welfare issues and many in research and industry circles believe pain management is one of the next priorities to get in front of.

Expectations mounting

The reason is it's an easy issue for people to relate to. When people take their kids to the dentist, they expect pain control for filings and other procedures. When they learn about agriculture practices, they expect the same level of pain management approaches to be implement for procedures ranging from castration to dehorning and branding.

Codes raise the bar

New Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals in Canada have raised the bar on what is required and recommended for pain management involving these procedures and others. Research has also increased substantially on this topic to help drive approaches that meet the expectations of the Codes and are workable for producers and industry.

Working toward solutions

It's a fast evolving area that is increasingly the subject of debate and constructive dialogue both within and outside agriculture as the sector looks for the best solutions to support animal care and clarify the message it delivers to consumers.

The Latest – Thinking. Ideas. Developments.

Housing: Windows on an evolving world

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Pain issue an opportunity for proactive industry response

Insider's view: Dr. Ed Pajor

Building a new perspective on pain

What people are saying

Perspectives on progress

This section last updated: March 1, 2014

"The increasing concern about the feelings of the animals is without question occurring in society. People are more and more interested in asking questions like 'Are farm animals happy?' and thinking about how we provide animals with positive experiences. Issues such as gestation stalls and poultry cages are currently the most sensitive in the public eye related to animal agriculture and welfare issues. However, as the focus on animal feelings continues to increase, pain is a no-brainer to be the next major issue that livestock industries are going to be asked to address."
– Dr. Ed Pajor, University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

"It's important that we keep an open mind and think outside the box. If we think beyond simply pain control and apply some innovative new approaches we will be a better industry for it."
– Dr. Mike Sheridan, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association

"The focus and the challenge is practical methods. We know already that we can use analgesics to decrease the painful experiences that the animals have. But the problem is that for an analgesic to work properly or be effective, there is a time period required for it to take effect. That can make it really difficult in a practical way to do things on farm."
– Dr. Ed Pajor, University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


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