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Livestock Care Conference: Leadership through constructive dialogue

This section last updated: March 4, 2014

Driving progress toward a strong and sustainable future

It's a showcase of progress. It's a forum for constructive dialogue. It's a place to learn and find ways to work together. But perhaps more than anything, the Livestock Care conference is about leadership - driving it, facilitating it, building it into the fabric of Canada's approach to farm animal care.

The annual event is hosted by Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) and delivered in partnership with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA).

This VeriCare Live: Livestock Care Conference report features information on the most recent conferences and most important – the speakers, topics and discussions highlighted at each event. Each year brings new progress, issues and perspectives but the conference information has strong longevity as a living record of how far Canada has come and where it's headed next.

The 2014 Livestock Care Conference is planned for March 26-27 in Edmonton. Get all the latest information.

The Latest – Thinking. Ideas. Developments.

Livestock Care Conference: Windows on an evolving world

This section last updated: March 1, 2014

Note: This section is regularly updated with new stories. Check back regularly for the most recent version of this VeriCare Live report.

LCC 2014

Hot topics showcased at upcoming 2014 Livestock Care Conference

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2013 LCC News Blog

LCC 2013 was held March 21-22, 2013 in Calgary. Get a range of news, insights and perspectives on the topics discussed in this LCC News Blog

Innovation, 'social license' and economics take focus at Livestock Care Conference

Leader in farm animal care innovation honoured at Livestock Care Conference

LCC 2012

2012 LCC News Blog

The 2012 conference featured new concepts such as 'social license' and came at a key time of new thinking in the farm animal care community. Many of the highlights are captured in the LCC News Blog.

What people are saying

Perspectives on progress

This section last updated: March 1, 2014

Some 'quotables' from the most recent Livestock Care Conference

"In a market system, the real driver of change is through the consumer. Livestock industries have a license to produce. Society gives the license and it comes with conditions. The challenge is to continually foster understanding and strengthen that relationship."
– Dr. James Reynolds of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University in Ponoma, California

"Animal care is absolutely a top priority. We strongly believe we are stewards of our animals. It's our responsibility and we take it seriously."
– Dr. Lily Edwards-Callaway, Animal Welfare Specialist with JBS

"Continuing to share knowledge and build coordinated approaches is one of the clear priorities ahead. We all have the same interest in providing leadership in farm animal care, among all areas of livestock production."
– Heini Hehli, a Rimbey-area dairy producer and chair of Alberta Farm Animal Care

"Producers and their associations have been well represented at the table on the key activities taking place in farm animal welfare in Canada, and it's critical that continues. We need that strong producer voice to meet the goal of not only providing leadership and making real progress on farm animal welfare, but also maintaining the viability of Canadian animal agriculture."
– Jackie Wepruk, General Manager of the National Farm Animal Care Council

"The student involvement and participation is a very positive and adds a lot to the perspective and discussion at the Livestock Care Conference. The students here are an indication that animal welfare and animal care is becoming a big focus of interest among our post-secondary students in Alberta."
– Dr. Clover Bench, University of Alberta

"LCC has built an anchor role in helping our livestock sectors get a window on what's coming in livestock welfare and how we can work together to meet the challenges and opportunities. The discussion around livestock welfare has never been more important to how we manage, both at the on-farm level and the industry level, to meet today's consumer expectations and stay at the leading edge. We encourage everyone from individual producers to livestock industry leaders to participate as we seek out the best approaches and innovative solutions."
– Larry Delver, producer vice-chair of Alberta Farm Animal Care


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