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2014 VeriCare Live


A new way to get information on farm animal care

This section last updated: March 2, 2014

Make VeriCare Live a 'go-to' resource for a succinct overview and regularly updating listing of stories on many of the big topics and issues.

The world of farm animal care is one that changes rapidly.

Keeping up on the big topics and issues is a challenge for producers, industry and other stakeholders who need good information to support decision-making.

It's a new environment that calls for a new way to access and use information.

That's why this VeriCare Live special report series was created as part of the Information Leadership Initiative.

It provides "living reports" on many of the key areas of activity in farm animal care today. Each report has an overview section that provides the background on what you need to know, along with a regularly updated listing of stories on the latest "Thinking. Ideas. Developments." on this topic area.

Different ways to use

The result is a report that changes over time but is always available in a consistent format. It can be used in several ways:

  • Best place to get information organized by topic area. A 'go-to' resource for a succinct overview and regularly updated listing of stories on many of the big topics and issues in farm animal care.
  • Customizable options. A unique special report format with information that can be used online or customized for different needs.
  • Fast reference to help get background and answer questions. Producers, industry and other stakeholders have higher demands to answer questions and manage expectations from customers and the public on many of the topics featured under VeriCare Live. An objective of each report is to provide accurate and timely information, written based on a process that includes talking directly with expert sources, to provide interpretation and language you can have confidence in to help address these demands.

Feedback welcome

What topics would you like to see covered in future VeriCare Live reports? Your feedback is encouraged and welcome anytime. Send your comments to .

Building trust with verified information.

Information presented in VeriCare Live reports has been developed in partnership with reputable, technically competent sources to support awareness of farm animal care developments and issues

Opportunities to participate

VeriCare Live and other forms of VeriCare Special Reports are produced with the support of organizations, companies and others with an interest in driving progress in farm animal care and other areas of sustainability. To learn more about opportunities to participate, as an information provider, sponsor or partner, or for general promotional opportunities, contact the Meristem team.

Support acknowledgement

The first series of VeriCare Live reports has been produced by Meristem as part of the Information Leadership Initiative, in partnership with Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) and with funding support from the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA).


Contact Meristem for more information on the initiative and partnering opportunities.