Meristem Land and Science: Driving Progress in Sustainability


2014 Banff Pork Seminar

Seminar Photos

Photos of selected speakers will be available at this web location during and following the 2014 Seminar.

Passion for Pork program set to grow

"The Whole Pig" shows the power of people

Lessons in farm labor management

Time to step up on food security

Recapture the dignity of raising animals for food

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Foxcroft Honorary Lecture 2014: Gilt and sow management

'The CSR Factor' and NGO influence

Piglet processing innovation wins BPS Aherne Award

  • Helmut Janz (2.0 MB)
    Helmut Janz (left) Aherne Award winner and Dr. Michael Dyck, chair of the F.X.Aherne prize committee.

Piglet processing innovation wins BPS Aherne Award

The thinking behind the theme