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2013 Banff Pork Seminar

News features from leading edge Banff Pork Seminar

News features capturing highlights of Seminar discussions are available, including:

  • Full court press on the activist agenda. "Game on." That's the attitude Washington D.C.-based public affairs expert Rick Berman has when he looks at the challenge animal activist groups pose for livestock industries. It's a mindset he says the pork industry, and others in animal agriculture, would do well to adopt.
  • Activist messages under the microscope. One critical way to manage the activist threat is by better understanding the dynamics involved in the core messages, says Wes Jamison, a leading researcher and thinker on interest group activism, based at Palm Beach Atlantic University.
  • Pork industry performance metrics. Insights on business metrics management in a growth environment for the pork industry were delivered by Jason Logsdon, CEO of The Maschhoffs, one of the largest family-owned pork production networks in North America.
  • Moneyball and true measures. Is it time for a 'moneyball' revolution in pork production? That was certainly the buzz in the room, as Steve Pollmann, a division president of one of the industry's largest and most powerful players took stock of performance metrics today and where they need to go.
  • 'Speak up with pride' to connect with consumers. Who speaks for agriculture today? For Crystal Mackay of Farm & Food Care, there is no one better to do that than farmers and others who work in this industry every day.

These news features and more, including the Inside BPS blog are available through a Special Report available on Meristem Land and Science at www.meristem.com and also linked to through the Banff Pork Seminar website www.banffpork.ca. Meristem is the communications partner of Banff Pork Seminar 2013. Please credit use of these materials to Banff Pork Seminar.

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