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New era kicks off for Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) Certification program

Posted: October 2, 2013

A new generation of progress supporting the safe and humane transport of livestock in Canada is underway with the launch of the Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) Certification program.

The former Certified Livestock Transport training program was originally developed through Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) in association with its sister animal care associations in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. CLT was started in May 2007 and has enjoyed tremendous success and industry engagement at the regional level. This has included recognition of CLT as an innovative, pioneering program of its kind internationally and a leading example of industry-driven leadership in livestock welfare.

Launch of the newly updated and rebranded CLT marks the formal completion of a transition several years in the making. It is designed to expand the scope and reach of CLT to a national initiative and ensure consistent training and delivery from province-to-province. The Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC), a not-for-profit organization serving Canada´s farmed animal industry, becomes the new official home of CLT effective October, 2013.

The development of CLT into a national program was made possible through funding by industry partners, and by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP), a five-year (2009-2014) program aimed at helping the sector adapt and remain competitive.

"This is a great day for everyone involved in supporting the welfare of farm animals and working to ensure the safe and humane transport of livestock in Canada," says Geraldine Auston, Project Coordinator of the CLT Certification Program. "Hundreds of transporters, shippers and receivers, and others, are trained and certified through CLT every year. This is a major step forward to ensure this progress continues for many years to come and that more people across the country can participate."

The new CLT features completely updated and expanded program content, including multi-species course offerings and three certification levels. It stands as a comprehensive training course and support service for livestock truckers, shippers and receivers, and others with an interest in safe, humane animal transport.

"CLT is a visionary program with a track record of success that speaks for itself," says Mark Beaven, Executive Director of CAHC. "It has received great pick-up from the industry and there has been significant and growing interest from across the country. We are pleased to help facilitate this transition to a truly national program to expand the reach and benefits of CLT. CAHC has a strong focus on farm animal health and welfare that makes the new framework a natural fit."

Two of the main strengths of CLT are that the content presents the current regulations for animal transport in Canada and the training and certification is recognized throughout Canada and United States.

Under the updated program, CLT certification will continue to be valid for a three-year period after certification. Complete program details will be made available at www.livestocktransport.ca. More information on CAHC is available at www.animalhealth.ca.