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The new frontier in understanding trans fats

What's the full story on trans fats?

Posted: November 1, 2012

For health professionals on the front line of providing information and advice to the public on this issue, answering this question is not a simple task.

Which foods have them, which foods don't? What should consumers watch for on food labels? What's safe and what’s not? How can people get the right information and make the best decisions for managing their health?

Supporting education and awareness

The challenge is even more complex in light of the new knowledge that is emerging about "natural trans fats" (NTF's). Research indicates this separate family of trans fats is not harmful and pre-clinical studies indicate NTF's may even have health-enhancing potential.

While this is excellent news for consumer health, it also adds another layer of complexity to the question on trans fats.

This is why the website, www.naturaltransfats.ca, was created.

Helping consumers make informed decisions

Natural Trans Fats: The Natural Choice, was designed as a resource for consumers and for health professionals, to provide information on the differences between industrial and natural trans fats and what this means for food choices and health.

The aim is to increase awareness of these differences and to provide interpretation on a variety of topics, including new knowledge from research, related developments in areas such as nutrition label information, food regulations and recommendations and health policy.

If you are a health professional, this section of the website, “for health professionals,” is designed for you. Click on the links above to view information on the current science-based knowledge and key talking points for discussing NTF's.

We also invite you to refer people to this website as a resource for information on NTF’s. Watch for new updates and added features as the site continues to evolve.

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