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Posted: February 28, 2014

Maxi-Gen Plus from Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) is a unique formulation designed to deliver a range of productivity and performance benefits for swine and poultry producers. (Now part of new 'Power of 5' program).

It was designed by CBS Inc. based on a strong background of science including research conducted at the University of Manitoba. Here are some insights on this innovative product, from Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Service Manager.

What are the standout benefits of Maxi-Gen Plus?

This is a product designed for multi-benefits. It is formulated to improve average daily gain and feed intake, to enhancing nutrient absorption and gut health, and also to stimulate intestinal development and improve immune system response.

Q: What else makes Maxi-Gen Plus unique?

Rob Patterson: It mimics health-enhancing components, called nucleotides, which both pigs and poultry produce on their own. However, our research shows that during times of stress such as weaning and transport, the supply produced by the animal is often not enough to meet the demand for optimal health and performance. Maxi-Gen Plus fills that need to maximize these benefits for the producer.

Q: What have we learned from pig trial results?

Rob Patterson: Our research conducted in partnership with the University of Manitoba has played an important part in illustrating the benefits. For example, one trial conducted with young pigs compared a diet with Maxi-Gen Plus to a traditional medicated diet. It was a classic designed study with 210 pigs over 28 days.

The findings showed pigs on the Maxi-Gen Plus diet performed at virtually the same rate as those on the medicated diet. This was a key finding for us because it reinforced the potential for our customers to use Maxi-Gen Plus as an alternative to medicated feed or to reduce the level of medicated feed used. That's an important benefit today with the rising pressure we see around medicated feed use.

Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Services Manager

Another, separate young pigs trial comparing these two diets showed the Maxi-Gen Plus diet helped the animals fight off disease. It cut mortality rate in half and greatly reduced post-challenge incidence of scouring. The mode of action is that the nucleotides are absorbed in the gut, which is resulting in better gut health and development, so the animal has a better chance of fighting off the infection.

Feed conversion under the Maxi-Gen Plus diet was also improved post-challenge in this second trial. This indicates multiple actions. We saw less scouring, less mortality and pigs catch up quicker and better in terms of feed intake and feed conversion.

Q: What about the results with poultry?

The results we have seen with poultry are just a positive. One key example is a 35 day feeding trial with broiler chickens. It showed birds supplemented with Maxi-Gen Plus were significantly heavier than control birds, with body weight and average daily gain results statistically equivalent to birds fed a medicated diet. Maxi-Gen Plus components have also been shown to alleviate stress and improve immune status in poultry.

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